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2018 AGM Minutes

Skal Annual General Meeting 2018

Metro Hotel Canning Highway South Perth

15 February 2018 12pm – 12.30pm

Item 1 –The Skal AGM commenced at 12.11pm with president Alison Banks
opening the meeting and welcoming members. A quorum was confirmed.
Jennifer Merigan
Alison Banks
Margaret Wilson
Michael Collins
Ron Reddingius
Kevin Lang
Brad Elborough
Tony Maio
Tim Bolton
Richard Young
Vikki Southern
Tarin Ritchie
Dianne Preston
Gerry Lyng
Belinda Hill
Jessica Bearham
Anthony Arrigo
Paul Grootveld
Hilary Cobbett
Mark Abercromby
Item 2 – Confirmation of Minutes – the minutes of the previous meeting 2017
AGM were confirmed and passed.
Minutes were then moved by Michael Collins and seconded by Tony Maio. No
business arose from the previous minutes.
Item 3 – Treasurer’s Report – Brad Elborough presented his report for the 12
month period including a profit and loss report.
Brad noted that this will be his final report as treasurer for the last three years with
Michael Collins now taking over the role. Brad noted that due to his situation at the
moment he is not able to allocate the necessary time to the role.
Brad thanked past auditors Paul Grootveld and Nicola Strudwick who confirmed
the accounts.
The bottom line shows a profit for 2017 of $4677.01 however taking into account
that $4370 of fee taken in October, November and December are for 2018
membership which means we have made a small profit. The $4370 is from fees
taken from the credit card machine and does not account for the payment of
membership fees from the Try Booking system.
Brad noted that during 2017 there were some issues of getting to the bank to
deposit raffle money as his local branch had closed down. All raffle monies for last
year are included in the $4420 listed in the P&L. He mentioned that we had looked
at the extending of the Try Booking system to take raffle monies as many people
did not carry cash.
Brad noted that the payment of the Xero accounting system is still going through
Mark Abercromby’s credit card which is an inconvenience he should not have to
have and ask the new treasurer to make time to fix this problem.
A refund of $30 is due back to Ulrich Kunzmann who paid the incorrect amount for
his membership on his credit card.
Therefore after these amendments the profit will be $4863.90 for the year 2016.
Member’s funds totalled $16,240 in the operating account (including the $4370 of
prepayments of membership fees) and $11,199 in the interest bearing term-deposit
Brad also noted that the financials of the club are available for anyone to view
through a dropbox folder.
The treasurer’s report was moved by Michael Collins and seconded by Paul
3.9 – Mark Abercromby asked whether the membership monies needed to go to
Spain which Brad replied Yes to – but the club accounts and membership fees are
in line with the requirements of SKAL for this year.
The treasurer’s report was moved by Margaret Wilson and passed by Richard
Item 4 – President’s report
4.1 – Alison stated that her first year as president had been a year of learning. She
had sought member feedback and trialled some new ideas to appeal and engage
the membership to further grow the club.
Alison thanked the committee for their time and efforts in working with her towards
a shared vision of a club that is a true reflection of the local travel and tourism
industry. Ali noted thanks to Brad Elborough for his time as treasurer for the club
over the last three years.
Alison reported that with a month to go until the 2018 AGM Skal Perth has 43
Active members, 2 life members, 1 retired member and 4 friends of SKAl. We are
actively following up another 13 members for renewals and are in a far better
position that at the same time as last year where there were only 20 members.
One of the first initiatives for 2017 was to ask for feedback from the membership so
we could ascertain what was working well. In April and online survey was sent out
and we received 25 responses. The highest engagement came from new
members. 70% were with either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the networking
functions held to date. 70% agreed that hosting 2 to 3 functions at a venue had
been a positive experience and respondents preferred functions with a guest
speaker followed by normal lunches, networking activities and sundowners. Overall
this assisted us in planning events for the year. The survey will again be sent out to
members in 2018.
Some of the activity in 2017 included hosting our March, April and May functions at
Matilda Bay. In March we had CEO WA Tourism Evan Hall as guest speaker
followed by Tourism WA’s Executive Director of Brand Strategy Louise Scott in
April and in May we organised a networking activity. June, July and August were
held at Maurizios and June saw Regional Director of Qantas Julian Barry speak
about the new London to Perth route. July was a pasta making class and August
was a normal function. In September we visited the new hotel Aloft and October
saw a very successful past presidents lunch at the Hyatt with 19 of the past
presidents in attendance as well as 3 past presidents from other clubs. The event
received very positive feedback. November was a sundowner which coincided with
the WA Tourism Awards and we welcomed members from Albany, Kununurra and
Broome Clubs as well as 18 guests. Thanks to Broome for putting together an
amazing raffle prize package valued at $1400.
We finished the year with a Christmas function at the Hilton which saw 75
members and guests celebrating and thanks to members who donated many
prizes for the raffle where close to $1400 was raised.
Skal continues to support the training and education in the industry through 2
awards of $500 each. The Brian Phillipson awards has now been renamed the
Clive Nelthorpe award and we are limiting sponsorship of awards for ECU and
TAFE due to the Curtin award always being awarded to an overseas student.
It has been noted that some people are taking advantage of the ‘guest’ opportunity
and that this year guests will only be able to attend a maximum of 3 events before
being asked to become a member.
Alison represented SKAL Perth at the National Congress in Manly and in August.
She then went to the International Congress in Hyderabad India in October and
found the event a real eye opener and believes the opportunities to build
professional networks and ultimately do ‘business amongst friends’ cannot be over
estimated. She urges all members to consider attending an International Congress
and to consider joining her in Mombasa in Kenya in October.
As we move into 2018 the committee is looking to create great functions that
encourage strong networking opportunities and maximise benefits for members
and grow the membership. We need support of all members to do this and
encourages everyone to invite colleagues along to a function to help grow the club.
Alison encourages all members to participate in the club for mutual benefit and
recommend people to support the club by nominating for the committee.
Alison closed her report thanking members and the committee for the opprortunity
to lead SKAL Perth and noted that the next function will be held at Matilda Bay on
8 March.
The president’s report was moved by Margaret Wilson and seconded by Mark
Item 5 – Election of Officers for 2018
5.1 – The following people make up the 2018 Executive Board
President – Alison Banks
Vice President – Dianne Preston
Secretary – Jen Merigan
Treasurer – Michael Collins
Committee – Brad Elborough
Committee – Margaret Wilson
Committee – Richard Young
Committee – Nicola Strudwick
Auditor – Paul Grootveld
Auditor – Mark Abercromby
Immediate Past President – Tony Maio
The officers and committee were declared nominated.
Item 6 – General Business
6.1 – Alison encourage members to utilise the website for travelling and visiting
other SKAL clubs with a demonstration of how to use the website when travelling.
6.2 – Ron Reddingius stated that networking opportunities are invaluable for the
membership to encourage people to do business amongst friends and get know
people in the club better.
6.3 – It was discussed further about guests and ensuring that the idea of guests
coming along is for them to ultimately join the club. It was moved that the guest
prices should be increased to ensure this occurs.
Meeting Closed at 12.44pm