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The History of the Skål Club of Perth No. 250

“The Beginning” (Taken from the book produced for the club’s 35th Anniversary in 1999)

Loneliness.  Yes, in a way, it was a sense of loneliness that contributed to the formation of the Skål Club of Perth.

You see, our founding President, the late Ken Wetherall, had been an ACTIVE member of Skål in Sydney prior to being transferred upon promotion by Qantas, to Honolulu in 1956 as Manager.  His family of course accompanied him and he found that membership of Skål helped them all enormously to settle in, because of the amicale of Skål International.

In 1961 he was then transferred to Perth as Manager WA and although happy to a point, was really missing the cameraderie fo Skål and so the idea was formed.

He invited business aquaintences Roger Sisley (P & O), Geoff Mewett (Ansett ANA) and Hugh Lough (Bank of New South Wales Travel), to lunch to put forward his idea.  Needless to say, they endorsed the idea and the assistance of the late Percy Bell (Founder of Skål  in Australia) and John Minehan (Qantas), both members of the Sydney Club, was sought.

The rest of the story will unfold however it’s worthy to quote Ken Wetherell at this point who said, “looking back now, I feel that starting the Skål Club of Perth was the most rewarding thing I have ever done’.


John Monamy (dec) President 1988-1989